Sunday, March 16, 2008

5 Cauac

I woke up at 4am from a dream. I was working in a gift shop with drastically uneven floors. Fragile items kept falling from the shelves, shattering. I felt frustrated and helpless, in a pointless and unfulfilling job. After thinking about the strange dream for a few moments, I wrote the following.

We are living in a crazy dream,
with our heads in the clouds,
completely disconnected from reality.
So why not walk the edge of insanity?
Why not push that reset button?
question assumptions
disregard conditioning?
because this myth isn't working anymore.
We are not in charge
we are not separate from creation
we can not dominate and pollute without killing ourselves
there is no technological fix for a fatal world view.
this grand flying machine we invented,
that makes us feel so high,
it's not soaring in the sky
its in free-fall, falling fast
and a few of us see the ground coming

I don't want to be part of this lie
at all costs, I'm abandoning ship
put on my parachute for a graceful decent
because we're doing ourselves in
this stage of evolution is coming to an end
we can't run from the truth any longer
well you can. but it's going to kill you.

not everyone is willing to wake up.
"some people have been in the matrix for so long
they're willing to die to defend it.:
they simply can't be unplugged.
and that's fine, that's evolution, baby.
I'm not going to go along with the lie.
I will transcend. I will ascend,
and will only concern myself with one question;
"who's coming with me?"

I'd like to believe that we can make it.
that it's not too late,
that there can still be a massive awakening,
a global shift in consciousness,
that we can change our game before time is up.
But I would be much more comfortable, much more sane
praying for the souls on the ship
from the safety of my lifeboat.
Hoping for the best.
Preparing for the worst.